Remove Negative Energies Candle Spell Kit

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Remove Negative Energies Candle Spell Kit

You are reading this for a reason, the universe has brought you here. 

Feel like you are use a lift in your energy level? Now you can clean up the stress and saggy feeling with this Remove Negative Energies Candle Spell Kit.

Don't let the anxiety bog you down.

This Removes Negative Energies Candle Spell Kit is already pre-meditated and blessed with cleansing intentions. All you have to do is to light it up and ask the universe for help. The universe shall provide. 

Now, we always tell people, the most effective spell is not cast by anyone else but yourself. Once you received the candle and before doing the ritual. Take a bath so you are refreshed. Hold the jar candle in hand and visualize what you want. When you are ready, simply light it up. 

Simple instruction will be given to you along with the candle. Remember, you ask for the change and the universe will provide. If you ordered an employment candle from us, don't just stare at the candle! Put the candle right next to you when you are applying for jobs or on a phone interview. Trust in the process and trust yourself. 

The Removes Negative Energies Candle Spell Kit includes:

  • Removes Negative Energies Candle 
  • Herbs
  • Bath salt