Box Your Way Fit

Posted by Crystal Amelco on

Sometimes we need a little more release than a simple yoga session or run through the park. If you want to try a different approach to fitness, one that makes you feel powerful, energetic, and burns major calories, HIIT boxing is a fun alternative.

Boxing is already an awesome workout that targets the core, arms, and overall body fat but mixes it with the HIIT training method and you’ll get in the best shape of your life.

So, throw on your gloves and get in the ring. Let’s do this.

You’ll need a heavy bag, an interval timer, and lots of energy. Set your timer for 30-second work intervals with 15-second recovery.

Interval 1

The first interval will be 30 seconds of jab and cross followed by 15 seconds of boxer shuffle, alternating for 6 minutes. Make sure you switch sides at the 3-minute mark.

Jab and Cross: Stand with your left foot forward and your left fist up by your chin and your right hand is down by your right side. Jab your left hand forward into the bag with power, then as you draw your left hand back, punch across your body with the right hand connecting with the bag in a similar spot as your left hand hit. Keep your core engaged throughout the movement and twist your body with the cross-body punch leading with your shoulders.

Boxer shuffle: Keep your gloves up by your face and lightly bounce back and forth from your left to your right foot.

Interval 2

On the second interval, use the same timer set for 6 minutes with 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off. The first move will be a right hook with a high kick with your left foot followed by 15 seconds of speed uppercuts. Remember to switch sides in the middle.

Hook with a high kick: A hook involves cocking your right hand back, elbow up and bringing it around to hit the side of the bag. Your feet need to be planted and knees slightly bent. Then you pivot on your right foot to bring your left leg up as high as you can to hit the top of the side of the heavy bag.

Speed uppercuts: Plant your feet in front of the body bag and squat midway. Bring your gloves in front of your chest palms facing you and punch at the bag in an upwards motion, alternating arms as fast as you can.

Interval 3

The third and last interval with the same timer set will be 30 seconds of a combination of 3 jabs with a cross and a kick. This will be followed by speedbag circles for 15 seconds. Again, switch sides at 3 minutes and that includes the speedbag circles not just the combo.

3 jab, cross and kick combo: Take the same stance as the first interval for 3 jabs. Plant your right foot forward, jab three times. Twist your body for the cross with your left and then lean back and kick with your right foot into the middle of the bag.

Speedbag circles: Stand with your right foot slightly forward and your left knee bent into a shallow lunge.  Bring both your arms up, gloves in front of your right side of your face. Circle on fist in front of the other in a constant motion, keeping the circle tight and your arms engaged. This move will tone amazing shoulders and arms if you do it right but if you are sloppy about it you won’t see results. Don’t forget to switch sides to work both sides evenly.

This HIIT boxing workout is incredibly effective and fun! What do you think? Are you willing to try something new?