The Importance of Stretching

Posted by Crystal Amelco on

Some people might feel like stretching is a waste of time. If their muscles aren’t sore, they don’t see the use. But the benefits of stretching goes way beyond just sore muscles. In fact, it is important to stretch even if you aren’t working out.

Read these four reasons why stretching is an important part of our physical well-being.

  1. Flexibility


This might seem like a no brainer. Obviously stretching increases your flexibility, but have you ever thought about how important flexibility is to your quality of life? By elongating the muscles and loosening your tendons, you can move about more freely and bend and twist much easier.

Regular everyday movements will feel easier and you’ll have better balance and coordination. Don’t we all want to look and feel more graceful?


  1. Help Combat Sore Muscles

When you stretch, blood flows easier through the body to reach the muscles you worked during a workout. This extra nutrient delivery to your muscles will help to reduce any muscle soreness commonly associated with a tough workout.

Believe me, you’ll regret not stretching the day after your workout. Your muscles will be very tight and in pain.


  1. Improve Your Posture

Regular stretching can help to keep the muscles and joints along our spine limber. By having a neck, back, and spinal column in a good range of motion, we can stand up tall and keep a good posture.

A good posture helps you look slimmer, more confident, and prevents any back or neck pain in the future.


  1. Relieve Stress

A nice, relaxing stretching session can relieve the tense muscles in our bodies. Many times, we don’t know that we are tensing up until it manifests into a knot. Taking a five-minute break to stretch and breathe deeply, you can invigorate the muscles and decompress the mind.

You don’t need to make your stretching hardcore. In fact, you want to start slow with some dynamic stretching. Swing your arms around, twist your core, bend and touch your toes from side to side.

You never want to push a stretch until it hurts. You are trying to find what the muscles need so you might want to hold a stretch with a slight variation until you find the sweet spot.

A great way to incorporate stretching into your weekly routine is by doing Tai Chi, Pilates, or Yoga. These types of workouts use stretching in a gentle way. You don’t need any equipment to stretch but you can use a band to pull a stretch farther than you can reach on your own.

By making sure to stretch on a regular basis, you prevent any injuries before, during, or after a workout. Not only that, but you will feel more youthful and energetic throughout the day. Without a doubt, stretching is important to us all.