TRX Suspension Training Workout

Posted by Crystal Amelco on

Another great trend in the fitness industry is suspension training, the main brand being TRX. They have really gotten a large following by adding an extra challenge to regular bodyweight moves by allowing gravity and the mass of your body to create resistance and build more muscle.

This type of training creates powerful lean bodies. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to work out, this might be something worth trying.

Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

  1. Works the Entire Body- This one little piece of equipment can work your entire body. Instead of having to move from equipment to equipment in the gym to work different parts of the body and having to wait in line for them to be free, you can stay in one place, work your whole body, and keep a good steady pace.
  2. Really works your core- Because many of the moves involve engaging your core muscles to stabilize the body while in suspension, you are going to see a lot of results in your abs, obliques, and lower back, which is a common trouble zone for many people.
  3. Portable and adjustable- This piece of equipment is so small that you can fit it in your purse. You can also set it up just about anywhere; in your home, at work, and while traveling. It can also be adjusted to work on people of all heights and sizes.
  4. Can be used no matter what your fitness level- Some exercise equipment is too difficult for beginners and some are too easy for advanced athletes. TRX can be used by anyone efficiently and improve their fitness levels.

Full Body TRX Workout

Plank Set- This is a combination of moves starting with one of the most common moves with TRX: the plank. Instead of placing your feet on the ground to prop up your lower body, you place your feet into the straps and hold the position like that. Hold it for 15 seconds.

Then place your right elbow on the ground and twist your body to the left, placing your left hand up in the air (shown above). Hold this for 15 seconds, then return to original plank position.

Now place your left elbow on the ground and twist your body to the right, lifting your right hand up to the ceiling. Hold for 15 seconds and return to plank position. Hold for another 15 seconds. Repeat this circuit two more times.

Your next move will really work the core. This is a push up with a pike. You will once again start in plank position. Complete a pushup and then using your core muscles bend at the hips and bring your feet in towards your chest keeping your legs straight. You will end up with your head inverted between your shoulders and your gaze will be on your toes. (Pictured above).

Slowly return to plank position and repeat the entire circuit until you’ve completed 20 pushups and 20 pikes.

Bulgarian Split Squat- For this move, you would regularly prop your leg up on a chair behind you but instead you will put your foot into the straps behind you and take a deep lunge position.

Bring your butt down 10 times on each leg to complete 10 Bulgarian split squats per leg.


Power Pull- This move works the core and upper body. You will want to adjust the TRX to have just one handle. Grab that handle with the right hand and lean back bending at the knees. As you begin to lean, turn your chest to the left and reach for the ground with your left arm as if trying to pick something up.

Return to a standing position by curling your right arm and bringing your chest back up, twisting your torso back to front as you raise. Repeat this move 15 times on each side.

Stay Consistent by Trying New Things

This quick but effective full-body workout will give you a new challenge and spice up your workout routine keeping you from getting bored and stopping your workouts.

Don’t be afraid to try new ways to stay active. Everyone starts out at the beginning and has to learn. That’s all part of the fun!