Dance Yoga Fusion

Posted by Crystal Amelco on

If you love to dance and you love yoga, you’re going to love yoga dance fusion. This rhythmic practice of yoga takes the slow and steady movements of a traditional yoga session into a fluid and beautiful art that celebrates the graceful abilities of your body.

This has been seen in contemporary dance and is really about telling or showing a certain emotion, story, or idea with yoga. It brings many benefits to the body including strengthening and lengthening of muscles, increase of cardiovascular fitness, and even calming of the soul.

There will be a mixture of learning yoga poses, choreography, an increase of flexibility and strength, and a feeling of expressionism through dance. Sound like something you would enjoy? How can you get started?

Foundations and Abilities to Start


Obviously, it would be a great starting point to be at least intermediate at yoga. You should have been practicing yoga for a period of time and have considerable flexibility in order to be able to transition from move to move with fluidity.

It is also helpful to have many of the basic yoga moves memorized so that you can follow along with the choreography much easier since you will know what is expected of you from just the mention of the name.

The love of dance and music is also a great thing to have. This will help you enjoy the process and have no embarrassment of moving your body to the music. Many of the classes will use moves that coincide with the beat of the music.

How the Process Works

Just like any class, you can have a beginner course but expect the classes to get more difficult as time goes on. Eventually, you will find yourself doing moves that you never imagined being able to do. You will feel very confident and stable doing these moves and know how to get into them and out of them very quickly.

The classes can range between 30 minutes to an hour. You would start with some basic stretches and yoga poses and then learn one or two dance sequences. You would probably expand on the dance sequences learned the weeks before until you have an entire routine learned.

Before you know it, you might find yourself practicing the moves at home. You’ll begin to love the process and even come up with your own choreography. You will also feel your muscles get stronger and your flexibility increase even more.

Types of Music and Dance Styles

Usually, the music will be of slower nature since the style of dance would fit a slower beat. But many times, you will find classes that use hip hop, techno, new age or even rock and roll as music basis.

There are classes known as Booty Ballet, which uses yoga poses and ballet dance moves together to form an exercise class that works the entire body and increases flexibility. You can also find Belly Dance Yoga Fusion classes that incorporate yoga into the traditional belly dance cultural methods. This is a great way to increase the cardiovascular efforts to yoga and to whittle the waist.

It really depends on what you like and the message you are trying to convey. Remember, this is a creative dance that integrates yoga into the methods used so it is creative and can be tailored to the artist, you. This is a healthy and exciting way to express yourself, discover new ways to move your body, and incorporate your love of yoga.