Workout with your Man- A Great Way to Strengthen Your Relationship!

Posted by Crystal Amelco on

A workout can be an important part of your day to destress and reboot your physical and mental health, but did you ever think about using this time to bond with your significant other?

According to Psychology Today, not only will this habit help you form a closer emotional bond, but it can also make you more attractive to your partner. It has also been proven to also push you to work out harder, partly because you want to impress your lover, but also because you feel happier and more motivated with him around.

Think about how much support you would feel in reaching your fitness goals. He will literally be by your side!

Here is a workout perfect for you and your beaux.

Start out with a quick warm-up and then get ready to sweat together and get those love juices flowing!

Scissor Jumps+ 180 + Hive Five: 3 sets of 30 sec

 Stand with your feet a bit farther than hip-width apart with your hands behind your head like the picture above. Next leap up off the ground and scissor your feet before you come back down and land softly in the high squatting position.

Next, you will jump 180 degrees to the right as he jumps 180 degrees to the left, leaving you facing each other. Jump up in the air and give each other a double high five. Jump 180 degrees back to the front.

Complete another scissor jump and 180 to the opposite direction, this time without the high five. Jump 180 degrees back to the front position. Repeat this sequence for 30 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. Complete three sets.

It is important that you get a rhythm you both can stick with so that you are facing each other at the same time, ready for the high five.


Platypus Walk- 3 sets of 30 seconds

This move involves getting down into a deep squat with your hands behind your head, like the picture above. Keeping a deep squat, walk one foot forward and pulse the squat, then walk the other foot in front of that foot and pulse again. Make sure you are covering ground as you walk and keep a deep squat throughout the move.

This move can feel a bit silly so don’t be afraid to laugh with your man a bit.


Low Plank Hold- Challenge


Give your man a little ego boost by challenging him to a low plank hold. Since men are normally a lot stronger in the upper body, he is bound to win, but give him a run for his money.

To do this you simply get into pushup position and lower your body until your nose is a couple of inches off the ground. Hold it there and see who drops first. The winner gets a massage (wink, wink).


Side Plank Hip Dips- 2 sets of 30 seconds each side


This move will work your obliques like crazy! You will both need to dig into your reserve for this one so be positive and push each other to finish.

Get into side plank position. You can choose either high plank or elbow plank. Dip your hip down towards the ground and then straighten your body back up. Continue for the 30 seconds and then repeat on the opposite side before completing your second round.


The 100 + Twist and Kiss- 3 sets of 30 seconds

Time to get your smooch on with this move. Get on your back with your feet on the floor and your knees bent. Get up into a crunch with your arms extended towards your knees, like the picture above. This is a Pilates move called the 100.

Hold for a count of 15 as you pump your arms up and down in small movements. Then complete a Russian twist to face each other for a kiss. Keep twisting and away from each other and then towards each other, (don’t forget that kiss!) for four twists each side.

Repeat this sequence for 3 sets of 30 seconds each with 15 seconds between sets.

This workout will have you bonding with laughter, a bit of friendly competition, and physical touch. Let love bloom!