Workouts for Moms

Posted by Crystal Amelco on

Being a mom is a full-time job and we can give so much of ourselves taking care of our family that we forget to take care of ourselves.

We need to be sure that our health and confidence is healthy so that we can continue to give our families our best. Making sure to be physically active is an important part of that goal. It can be hard to find the time and the ability to work out, however, when you have a little one following you around everywhere.

These four workouts can be done with kids in tow.

The Stroller Workout

If you have access to a decent stroller, you have the perfect workout in your palms, literally. The great thing about this workout is that you can keep your little one secure while you work out and they enjoy the ride.

It’s even better when you can find a nice place outdoors to do this workout to give yourself and your little one some vitamin D and some fresh air. You’ll both sleep like babies at night!

Strap your shoes on and strap your baby in the stroller and get to stepping! Stroller runs will burn more calories than a regular run because you are now pushing an extra 25-50 lbs. in front of you. You’ll also get a great arm workout too.

There are a few things to remember to keep this safe for both mom and child. First, invest in a good stroller and a wrist strap that connects you to the stroller. This ensures that you don’t lose your baby if you accidentally lose your grip, especially if you are going downhill.

Pick a good route that has minimal bumps, preferably a paved path. If you used to run before you had a baby, don’t expect to have the same pace or run as far. Running with a stroller, you will find, is a whole other ballgame.

Double Bodyweight Workout

If calisthenics are your thing, you can still do bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, and lunges. The difference will be that instead of one bodyweight, you will have two!

Baby Squats and Lunges- You can do squats and lunges with your baby on your shoulders. Make sure that you keep good form and hold your baby while you are squatting. The added weight will really work your legs.

Zerbert Push-Ups- Place your baby laying on their back and then get into push up position over their belly. Do your push-ups with a pause at the bottom, long enough to give your baby belly a zerbert.

Baby Twists- Hold your baby with your arms extended in front of you. Keeping your arms extended and your hips facing forward, twist your torso from side to side, bringing your baby and your shoulders with it. This will work the core really well and give your little one an exciting ride.

Baby Yoga

There are plenty of yoga studios that offer baby and me yoga classes that will give you a way to do a workout without leaving your child behind. The good thing about these classes is that they are all moms and you are not going to get any sideways glances if your baby starts to get cranky.

These classes may not be as intense as your old yoga sessions but they are geared toward mother and baby bonding as well as helping new moms regain core muscles and relieve sore muscles from nursing.

Mommy and Me Dancing

From a very young age, kids can learn to move to the beat. If you have a child that is getting a bit old for a stroller, too heavy to lift on your shoulders, or do yoga with, why not engage them in a dance-off?

Boys tend to like more active dance moves but girls would love to do some ballet with you. A good way to get them involved is to try a “follow the leader” type dancing where you take turns being the leader.

Barre and hip-hop dance fitness classes are becoming very popular. You can even try to follow along with a YouTube dance class together.

There is no reason to think that motherhood means your workouts are over. You can still take care of your figure while taking care of your children.