Yoga on the Florida Beaches

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Yoga on the Florida Beaches

There is no better way to exercise on the sunny beaches of Florida than to do relaxing yoga. Smell the beach air, hear the waves crashing, and throw out your yoga mat for this sequence to help you get in touch with your very being.


Total Body Beach Yoga

Asana Pose- Begin in the asana pose, literally translated “seated”. This pose is meant to get you mentally prepared for the flow of poses ahead. Take the next couple of minutes to put out all negative emotions from your mind. Put yourself in the beach. Take deep breaths of salty air in and exhale all your stress. Feel the rhythm of your breath go in and out with the waves of the ocean. Once you feel that your mind has calmed you can move on to the next move.

Asana Pose - Earth Energy and Company

Firefly Pose- Put your hands on the ground in front of you as you are seated. Ease your weight forward and onto your hands as you untwist your legs and begin to raise them, balancing your weight by placing your elbows into your rib cage and place your feet flat on the floor with your hips wide. Ease back into a deep squat, with your palms still on the floor, widen their position and bend your elbows slightly. Hug your shoulders with your thighs and put your legs over your shoulders one by one. Raise your gaze and breathe deeply for a count of 8.

Firefly Pose - Earth Energy and Company

Peacock Pose- Unravel your legs from your shoulders slowly but keep your palms on the ground. Step your legs back behind you as you get into plank position. Turn your palms in toward your knees with your wrists and elbows facing outward. Bring your knees in and start to lean your chest into your elbows. Once you feel balanced lift your knees up off the ground, using your abdominals and glutes to raise your body into a straight line. Hold for a count of 10 taking deep breaths. Slowly lower your head and feet to the ground and sit your weight back into your knees and off your elbows.

Peacock Pose - Earth Energy and Company

Angle Pose- Get up from the kneeling position into a side crow pose. To do this you need to place your palms on the floor in front of you and twist your lower body to the left side. Plant your left foot on the ground behind your elbows and twist your right leg under your right and in front of your left arm. Using your arms for strength, release your left leg and raise it to the left and straighten it out and over your left tricep. Twist your feet together into a locked position. Count to 10 and repeat on the other side.

Angle Pose - Earth Energy and Company

Boat Pose- Release from the 8 angle pose and sit back into a deep V seated position. Engage your abdominals and keep your back and neck straight, gaze ahead. Place your arms out in front of you and raise your legs into a pointed position to create a V with your body. Hold and breathe for a count of 10 and release.

Boat Pose - Earth Energy and Company

Warrior Pose 1- Get into standing position and step into a lunge position. Deepen the lunge until your knee is on the ground. Raise your arms up overhead and look up. Stretch your torso slightly behind your knee and plunge your hips forward. Hold for a count of 6 then repeat on the other side.

Warrior Pose 1 - Earth Energy and Company

Eagle Pose- Return to standing position and balance on one leg. Twist your other leg around the balancing leg and entwine your arms in front of you, bending the elbows and placing your palms together. You will need to bend your knees slightly in order to accomplish this twisting move. Hold for a 10 count.

Eagle Pose - Earth Energy and Company

Twisted Root Headstand- From a standing position, bend forward and place your elbows firmly on the ground in front of you clasping your hands together. Place your head on the mat and raise your feet overhead. Relax your knee to allow your legs to twist together. Hold for a count of 6 and release. Repeat again, only twist the opposite leg to the front.

Twisted Root Headstand

Asana Pose- This was a challenging session. Let’s finish it off back in asana pose. Take this time to feel confident and proud of your accomplishment. Bring this energy into the rest of your day for a positive and productive day.

Asana Pose

Happy Fitness!